PS360+ is a multi-console PCB for arcade sticks/cabinets that works on: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (with Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility), Xbox 1 (original), Dreamcast, Saturn, PSX, PC and PS4 (8min timeout), with smart-detection for all supported systems.
PS360+ uses a USB Bootloader for firmware updates so if new software comes out it can easily be updated through a computer.
It has a 2.5mm audio head set jack for Xbox LIVE (Xbox 360), player LED support for Xbox 360, PS3 and Dreamcast (on-board and external, cable NOT included). If you don´t want to use this feature then there is an optional on-board LED disable solder jumper.
PS360+ has a USB "B" and RJ-45 jack with the optional use of a wire harness (NOT included). USB jack is used as a standard output (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), RJ-45 may be used for all supported systems.
It has software selected LS/DP/RS, LSB/RSB support and support for Forced Modes.
PCB size: 96.3mm x 45.3mm. Mounting holes: 88mm x 37mm.


PDF DownloadHardware Overview

PDF DownloadSoftware Overview

PDF DownloadFirmware Update

PDF DownloadDiscriptor Name update for Windows


Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.67

Added Wii U/Switch (Pokken) Mode.
Forced ONLY with P3+K3.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.66

Removed autodetection of PS4 for easier compatibility with SG drivers. PS4 8 min. mode forced ONLY with 1P+1K. PS3 BC forced ONLY with 1P+2P. If using on PS4 in 8 minute mode, you only have to force on initial plug in. Soft reset does not affect the mode.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.65

Added forced Xbox 360 mode (2P+2K) for people who have a problem using the PS360+ in Xbox 360 mode on PC/Mac.
Internal code cleanup.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.6

Added NES/SNES support (forced mode only for now = 3K). Added soft reset for PS4: SELECT + 3K (HK). This ONLY works when using it on PS4, it will disconnect and reconnect in ~2 seconds. Just press Home to continue again.
Fixed PS4 8 minute timeout issue previously broken by the v2.0 system firmware update.
Firmware 1.6 variants have the same properties as 1.5, just with 1.6 core updates.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.5
Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.5 No Macro
Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.5 Saturn
Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.5 Saturn No Macro

Added support for Saturn (forced mode only = 2P + 3P).
Upgraded PSx mode to address compatibility and detection issues during some screen switching in games. Patched to allow Jab/1P to be held during startup (for SkullGirls PS4 compatibility).
To make it work with all consoles including Saturn you need to connect a wire from the “Home/Guide” terminal contact to pin 6 on the JST header. Doing this will sacrifice the usage of the Home/Guide button but you can still access the function by pressing Start + Select instead. Because of the design of the PS360+ this is the only way to be able to play on Saturn with full button support. Also you have to physically disconnect the Home/Guide button on your stick to avoid any accidental presses as it's now connected to a USB data line.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.4

Added PS4 support (limited to 8min)
Playstation 3 Backwards Compability (forced mode = 1P + 2P).

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.31
Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.3

XBOX1 support added with smart detection (forced mode = 2K). SOCD and Configuration handling are implemented for it also. Descriptor updated to match.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.23

1. S+S=H for Xbox 360 fixed to allow shutting down the system using Start+Select instead of Home button.
2. Descriptor name (the name for the pcb that you see when you connect it to your computer) is now updated so you can see every new release (before it always said the same despite updating the pcb).
You first need to renew the descriptor string, here is a short guide on how to do it for Windows XP:

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.22

Added run-time functions:
LSB = Select + 2P + 3P
RSB = Select + 2K + 3K
LSB + RSB = Select + 2P + 3P + 2K + 3K 4P = Select + 1P + 2P
4K = Select + 1K + 2K
4P + 4K = Select + 1P + 2P + 1K + 2K

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.21

Added Player LED support for Dreamcast. Still no support for VMU in this release.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.2

Added Dreamcast support. No support for VMU in this release.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.1
Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.1VA

Changes (Ver. 1.1):
1. Configuration mode is now SELECT+1P+2P+3P, exit with START.
2. LSB/RSB (Left Stick Button, Right Stick Button) support. Activate by pressing:
The two button macro for LSB/RSB should avoid accidents when B-Linking in SSF4. LSB/RSB are displayed alone when the macros are used to avoid oddities in training mode, etc.
Changes (Ver. 1.1VA):
Configuration and LSB/RSB macros removed. S+S=H remains.
This firmware should be used by those who experience problems with macros during gameplay.

Software DownloadOfficial Firmware Version: 1.0

Fixes & Changes:
Polished the code a little, no direct changes for the user.

Software DownloadFirmware (Pre-launch) Version: 1.2

1. PS3 cold start no longer has a problem, PS3-system limitation inhibits the ability to turn the system on remotely though.
2. Backward Compatibility mode fixed (was not working correctly on V.1.1), the controller can go back and forth between modes just fine.
Xbox 360 is now able to be turned on remotely via HOME or START button.

Software DownloadFirmware (Pre-launch) Version: 1.1

1. PC/PS3 are now one and the same, there is no PC mode, only an adjusted PS3 mode that takes care of both.
1.1 Forced modes are now 1P = PC/PS3, 2P = 360, 1K = PSx.
1.2 Detection is now slightly faster on PS3 because of the new structure.
2. Player LEDs have been adjusted too, they now go up to player 7.
It follows the standard: Player #5 = LED1+LED4. Player #6 = LED2+LED4. Player #7 = LED3+LED4.
3. The PS360+ can now auto-detect an OFF Xbox 360 and can turn it on remotely.
The only limitation currently is that you are only able to turn it on with a dedicated HOME button press/hold.

Software DownloadFirmware (Pre-launch) Version: 1.0

Start and Select will now remain active while being pressed, whether or not the S+S=H macro is being used.
Start+Select=Home: Now has a slight delay (about 1/3 of a second) to alleviate soft restart issues but retain the macro ability. Pressing the two buttons together will result in nothing until the time has passed, at which point the HOME/GUIDE function will activate. If you simply press the two buttons together the delay is long enough to allow a soft reset in training modes, but not long enough to be an annoyance.
Configuration Mode:
We've added another option, toggling the S+S=H entirely Enter Configuration Mode (Select+MP), then press DOWN to toggle the macro on and off, it will only toggle once per active configuration mode to alleviate overlaps while remaining in the mode. So every toggle must be done in a new configuration mode entrance. The other selections have no restriction on being chosen once per configuration mode.
Just to recap, for configuration mode here are the options: Left = LS. Right = RS. Up = DP. Down = Toggle S+S=H, can only toggle once per active configuration mode.
The user can also use the new toggle to re-enable the macro after it has been disabled by a dedicated home button press, if the user wishes to do so.